The Pursuit of Truth, Justice and Love.



  • To help pupils develop to their full potential
  • To help pupils become as independent as possible.
  • To help pupils have a realistic understanding of their abilities and limitations.
  • To enable students to contribute as fully as possible to the community in a spirit of independence, kindness, tolerance and co-operation.
  • To help students to develop a sense of self worth and confidence.
  • To provide a setting where the pupil can experience love and acceptance.
  • To give the pupils a moral and Christian upbringing
  • To initiate the pupils into activities, modes of conduct and thought, which have standards of honesty, loyalty and industry.
  • To give pupils an appreciation of their cultural heritage.
  • To provide every opportunity for our pupils to participate in integrated activities with the mainstream population.



  • To encourage and facilitate parental involvement in achieving the above aims.



  • To recognise the fundemental importance of staff in achieving these aims and to afford them every possibility and resource to do so.
  • To accept and value the personal and human attributes of all school staff.
  • To provide opportunities for on-going staff development.
  • Community
  • To increase public awareness and understanding of people with special educational needs.
  • To facilitate the community’s involvement and contribution towards the educational, personal, social and vocational development of the pupils.
  • To request, encourage and facilitate the appropriate voluntary and statutory authorities to provide services of the highest standard for all people with special needs.

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